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For the English-speaking !
Roubaix Généalogie is a non-profit organisation formed by a team of volunteers digitalising and organising – in databases – the main historical records of Roubaix. This work is intended for genealogists looking for specific information in the town of Roubaix (59100), France.
Apart from all these details genealogists could get, the Forum Roubaix –Roubaix Généalogie’s community area – also enables them to request and thus receive records pictures in relation with their personal family tree.
In order to keep a good level of understanding of the exchanges, this community area is only accessible to French-speaking people able to conduct genealogical researches by themselves.
For non-French-speaking people, Roubaix Généalogie offers its help outside the community area by e-mail and entirely in English so as to facilitate the exchanges.
This on-demand inclusive and bespoke assistance is provided by Christophe LENOIRE – the founder of Roubaix Généalogie, expert in Roubaix-based genealogy. To request his support, please send an e-mail to in including the following:

  • Your full identity – family and first names;
  • Your address;
  • A description of what you are precisely looking for;
  • Your Gedcom file – if that is possible – together with the name of the software you used to create it.

After receiving your request, we will contact you through Eric HERBAUT, Roubaix Généalogie official English translator, to provide you with the results of our researches.
We will provide you with:

  • Civil and catholic records pictures in relation with your researches;
  • An English document synthesising all the records data and the census records extracts;
  • Your Gedcom file updated and enriched with the people found during the researches.

It is also possible to extend the researches of records outside Roubaix, in other French cities, provided their consulting is authorised by the corresponding French Departement Archives Responsibles.
As you can understand, we are offering a true tailored research work requiring not only a lot of time and reflexion but also an important translation work.
This is the reason why you will be kindly asked to donate. This donation shall be made by PayPal and is left to your discretion.
Please note that donations are only intended to pay for the Internet website hosting and for data-saving and digitalising equipment. The Roubaix Généalogie team is entirely composed by volunteers and none of them perceive any remuneration or any sort of compensation.
To date, Roubaix Généalogie has digitalised about 7 millions of digital pictures of historical records from Roubaix and holds a picture of every single catholic and civil record written in Roubaix between 1588 and 1940, all census records and of tenths of other sources very relevant for genealogy enthusiasts.